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Moore’s Sanctuary AME Zion



Welcome. We all know the staggering statistics associated with the heroin and opioid epidemic. IntegraMedical is here to offer an option to the families and communities, initially in North Carolina but eventually in other states such as – Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Our solution is to construct and disperse Mobile Medical Units, utilizing Telemedicine to bring Suboxone (Buprenorphine) to rural and underserved communities. We further utilize NFC technology as an adjuvant to the medical therapy and counseling and as a means to deter diversion. We have four speakers with us today:

Louis Fisher, retired DEA

Dr. George Raad, MD, Medical Director

Ben Roberts, Counselor

Jose Lara, Chief Information Officer


  1. LOUIS FISHER, DEA, Retired

I served 31 years with the DEA. I have witnessed many things. But I never imagined what I’m seeing today. I have traveled to many of the communities in North Carolina we want to partner with. I’ve met with Police Chiefs and Narcotic Officers. They have all shared the same message – get here quickly because what we are currently, doing isn’t working so well. We have try new ideas.  Here at IntegraMedical is a new idea. I just heard Dr. Raad’s talk. Abstinence doesn’t work. I also do not like Methadone. Suboxone is the way to go. My role is to ensure that all Federal and State laws and Guidelines are strictly adhered to.

I speak now to the communities. Call me. Email me. I will come and see you. We will sit down and find ways to get as many of your addicted citizens off of heroin and diverted opioids and into treatment with Buprenorphine.

I speak now to the citizens of this country. We need your help. Please, go to our GoFundMe page and donate. We need to get four more of these units built and move quickly into Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, everywhere we are needed. Please, help us get to these communities.



I just gave a talk on why I feel Buprenorphine is the best possible treatment option for heroin and opioid addiction. While I will always prefer an in-patient setting, I do recognize there is an epidemic occurring and we just have to respond as best we can. That is why we have built a Mobile Medical Unit to reach the rural and underserved areas. And Lou is right, we need your help in getting to all of these hard-hit communities. Go to our GoFundMe site and show your support for our families and communities.  We know Buprenorphine works. We believe in the Telemedicine. We believe this NFC technology is really going to make a difference, not just with treatment but with diversion also. I also believe that if there is a person on this planet who can best figure out how to make this NFC technology really make a difference in the forever battle against opioid relapse once in therapy, it will be my colleague, a man I have known for years, Mr. Ben Roberts. Help us put this most powerful technology in the hands of trained professionals and start to take back our communities from this poison being pumped into the veins of our country. Thank you.



You can’t just dispense Buprenorphine and expect everything gets better. There must be a supporting structure offered to these patients. Honestly, in some of our rural and underserved communities, supplying this structure can be a real challenge. While we will be reaching out to partner with existing programs in each location we serve, I am hopeful this new technology supplied by NFC and delivered through the Smart Phones can be a transformational step in the field of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Time will tell. We will learn. Because, quite honestly, what other choices do we have. And I agree with Mr. Fisher and Dr. Raad, everyone, please go to our GoFundMe page and help us reach these people and these communities.



I am proud to stand here with this distinguished group and present the technology. Mankind has maintained a long history in his relationship with technology. It should be no surprise we are bringing this technology to the battle against this heroin and diverted opioid epidemic. The Telemedicine component is fairly straightforward. But it’s the NFC component that adds the real “wow” here. Under my guidance, this group will be utilizing the NFC tags for three components-

  • Communicating with the medical staff for treatment, including the Induction, Stabilization, and Maintenance of Buprenorphine
  • Communicating with the Counseling staff for on-going Mental Health services
  • Fundraising, both for the cause and for the individual patient.
  2. Q AND A session



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